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Gender : Female
Height : 168cm
Weight : 87kg

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To only be able to read something is no comparison to being able to feel it on your own body!

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Hello, my name is Anna, I'm 1.68m tall and finally 18! I recognized my submissive streak early on, but I had no real opportunity to explore it. My hobbies are playing the guitar and reading. I love romantic stories. My interest in SM is great. Since I had not yet really dared to get to the matter I started as a fetish model. Fetishblick gave me the opportunity to experience it. That's when I found out how experimental I actually am. I would like to try a lot to find my way in SM. With fetish look my anal deflowering took place. That was really cool, but there could be in the SM still so much more what I like. I have already been extensively praised for my qualities as a sub. I have no taboos yet, because before I reject something I would like to know what it is. You can live out all legal sexual fantasies with me as your toy. Are you still looking for a young slave that can be formed? Why don't you write me a message? I like to get back in touch - is that also called a "sex meeting" in S&M? - to set up a meeting. So you can convince yourself of my talent as a naturdevote Sub and get to know me better. If you haven't seen it yet I wish you a lot of fun with my videos. Get inspired what YOU would do to me and write it to me. I'm curious!

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