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Do not dream your life! Experience your dreams :)

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My name is Annika and I welcome you to my profile. My way of spending my free time is more unusual. Sure, I like to read like most people, but I prefer to travel, experience activity and adventure. I like being outdoors and hope to find exactly what I am looking for. I climb trees or swim spontaneously naked in the lake. Admittedly, it has often come to sex. It's fun - and the thrill of getting caught is the culmination. I wouldn't want to confine myself to sex with men. I have already had too many outstanding experiences with women for me to do without them. As you can see, I often pause control. There's no other way to live like this. That's exactly why I love it when I can give up control for a change. I'm very spontaneous in that respect. The result is the result. Enjoy the here and now to the full. SM is ideal for this. I claim that SM is not a hobby, but a part of my life, just like my High Heels collection. Unfortunately, there have been far too few opportunities to really live out SM. Many a gentleman was intimidated by my kind much too early and subordinated himself to me, although I long for the opposite. Others couldn't handle it if I wanted to wear my heels during sex. You think you're different? It'd be great if we could get to know each other. Just write me, will you?

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light blue
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dark blonde
Languages i speak:
english, german

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