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Gender : Female
Height : 165cm
Weight : 52kg

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bondage, exhibitionism, fetish, nymphomaniac, sex toys, SM

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To control others requires strength. Self-control demands strength.

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Hello my name is Ava and I am a fanatic follower of hard and unconditional SM. As you can see, I am very skinny and with 24 years still a little teenager. Up to now I could gain as a slave still little experience, but I want to change that. For some years I have had the tendency to be bossed around. I can endure pain and I like to give in to pleasure pain. As a submissive slave I have nothing against a strict treatment. With fetish look I see the best possibilities for it. One has already taught me the most important sub-rules. What do you want to do? Tell me about yourself. Write me about you. I am very curious.

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No, I don't.
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You can do it without - right?!

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