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One hears banalities. Spectacular ... one feels

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Hey you, I'm Charlotte and a little revealing dance mouse from Berlin. At SM I enjoy both whipping and whipping. There are so many possibilities and I would like to explore them. I always like to take part in photo shoots and videos and let people tell me what I have to do. The way to Fetishblick was not far. Here I would like to deepen my inclinations. I tend to be rather submissive, but I'm not quite sure yet. Maybe I'll get the chance to get more out of myself at one or two shootings. I saw the possibility on Dina, but her video "Beauty and the Beast" is almost a bit too rough for me. On the other hand, I have a bad desire to be in their place and to feel this coarseness myself. Unfortunately, I was tackled a bit coarser than that. But maybe you are different? Why don't you just tell me? You can just write me a letter and we'll see what happens. I find that exciting. You might even come up with the idea of dictating something like a sex meeting with you. If you are trustworthy enough I like to drive for such a thing again across Germany... now...ä purely hypothetically ;-)

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My eye color:
light blue
My hair color:
dark blonde
Languages i speak:
english, german

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