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Gender : Female
Height : 173cm
Weight : 49kg

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I'll settle for one moment, just one. So perfect that it is enough for the whole life. I do not want forever, I want now.

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DescriptionMy name is Cherie Rose. I am 26 years young. Submissive. Submissive. Greedy. I am very Skinny. My master wants it that way. And what my master wants, I want too. I love his hard hand on me. I love hard hands on me at all. My master has made it my task to get to know another strange man. He also wants me to be raised by another hand. He wants me to have more experiences. At first I didn't dare. I didn't know if my master really meant what he said. Maybe he just wants to check my loyalty to him. I don't know. But what I do know is that I have to feel other hands. In me - on me - on me. I love to be at the mercy. Chains. Tender and yet violent blows on my tender bottom. I can't stop dreaming this dream. Someone will be in this world to help me fulfill my dream - and my master's task. Somewhere you will be...

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My tattoos are the legacies of my master.
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Oh yes, you can find the piercings on my pictures

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