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Gender : Female
Height : 173cm
Weight : 63kg

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I wanted to break up with my dominant girlfriend yesterday - she said no...

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I'm called Daisy. And I am what they call a slut. I feel dirty and filthy. That's how I want to be treated. Many filthy things spit around in my head. I am very submissive. Everyone can imagine himself a little under the term submissive. But only very few people know what it really means to have a submissive partner. Logically, the excessive demands are great when she explains to him that she is submissive. What does she expect from him? What causes the urge to want to be submissive? Submissive women are often, but not always, characterized by the fact that they are very strong personalities in everyday life. They often work in management positions and take responsibility for their families. They set the tone and contribute to the fact that neither in the working life nor privately something gets out of joint... So, now you can imagine how I tick. What would you write me now in a first message? I am curious!

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My eye color:
My hair color:
dark brown
Languages i speak:
english, german
My tattoo:
You're welcome to paint me one.
My piercing:
No, I don't have one.

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