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Gender : Female

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bondage, fetish, SM, strip, tattoos

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In dubio lex domina superare (In case of doubt the law of the mistress is your bond)

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Hello there! I am Dina, 25 and Domina with passion. Lacquer and latex are what I particularly like. I've pushed the pitiful little boys into the sandbox before. Well, I'm doing the same thing with the big boys today, and I don't want to rule out girls either. My dominant sadistic streak is strong enough to handle taboos sparingly. You never know what you might miss, do you? I like to use the hard hand, and I don't forget that I have grown out of it 2. I like to strike or turn the slave off. Whip and crop I prefer, this is also one of the most effective weapons as I learned from Dom Gladiator. Sometimes, however, there are situations in which I long for punishment - and in which I could almost become jealous of the powerless worm at my feet. What I expect from my submissive subjects in terms of stamina, however, I am also prepared to give myself... With a little luck you can get special treatments from me. Send me a personal message. But I can promise you one thing already. My practices will make you a more acceptable slave...

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dark brown
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english, german

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