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Gender : Female
Height : 163cm
Weight : 51kg

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No means maybe. Maybe means yes. Yes means yes, sir...

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My name is Hanna and I got to know my personal inclination at Fetischblick. I came into the scene as a fetish model and I liked to let myself be touched and used. My anal deflowering took place at Fetischblick. Since then I can't get enough of life as a sub. As a sub I obey my master and my mistress unconditionally and let me not only for fetish photos photograph or film. What counts for me is what my master or my mistress say. The decisions about the sexual fetish actions I leave completely to my mistress or my master. Are you looking for a sub that obeys you unconditionally? Then you should remember my face, because I am one of the few who can be submissive and that to the tips of my hair. My life and my sexual fantasies are determined by my master or my mistress. Do you have a special preference? Then share them with me. You are welcome to send me a personal message. I will answer you immediately. I am also available for a personal sex meeting, if you are interested in coming with me.

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english, german

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