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Gender : Female
Height : 174cm
Weight : 55kg

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bondage, anal sex, lingerie, photography, Corsets

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Those who blindly condemn in advance act visibly and sustainably dumb

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I'm Amanda. The Amanda you can't get her out of your mind. Not out of your head, not out of your pathetic ass. I've been dominant for a long time. Somewhere in a biology book would probably say that's my nature. But in reality I am also a sadist who enjoys the pain of others. Nipple torture is a proven method. I also like to fist and stick my thick strap up your ass. You don't fuck me, I'm the one who'll fuck until you beg for mercy. Either way, I have a lot of ways to kick your ass, and I like to use them. If you think I would already wear a big strap, then this is exactly the one you can suck while I ram you the next bigger one in the back and bring you your puny eggs to boil over. Wait, I'll give you. Now you should write me. The sooner you do that, the sooner we'll get in touch. So let's go now, if you dare.

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light blue
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