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Gender : Female
Height : 180cm
Weight : 65kg

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Your will against mine. And mine will prevail!

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Remember him, my name. I'm Mrs. Kali. Unique and playful. You may accompany me to a place that is well known to you from your secret fantasies. My femininity will be your bond, and my dominance goal of your striving. My pleasure is defined by your torments, which you will feel physically and mentally through my inviolable superiority. My grace will be what you beg when you are defenselessly at my mercy. Physically, I like to chastise you through flagelation. If, as expected, you're too stupid to understand, I'd like to give you a hint. Something's breezing through the air. A clap can be heard, but it will not be applause. The sound arises when this something hits you and causes you, sometimes more and sometimes less, strong pain. Prefers the tip of a bullwhip that I have licked you before and then dipped in rock salt. If you don't shout according to my taste, I simply ram my clenched fist into you - deep into your ass. Now you have the opportunity to write to me. On the right is something called a text box. That's where your message to me comes in. Not next week, not tomorrow and not after. Now!

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