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Gender : Female
Height : 153cm
Weight : 58kg

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As a sub you should be careful what you wish for, it could come true!

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The baby-young Minou, freshly baked 20, is naturally submissive. She comes from a rather dominant family with a strict hierarchy. The slave candidate is accustomed to yielding, even if she did not find the way into the hands of Dominus completely voluntarily. With her female curves, her alabaster-colored skin and her naturally reddish-blonde hair, she is actually about what you would wish for if you had brought an ordinary, plain-looking woman into your bedroom and undressed her there. Maybe a bit chubby for general consumption at home, but with handsome, lush breasts and inviting hips, and full lips that certainly comfort you beyond the shortcoming that the sub refuses to eat meat. Basically this would not be a problem for some people, but for the family of Minou it is a perversion. The family business and all that they have built is based on the butcher's shop. You can probably guess who unloaded the shy Minou at Dominus for what reason. Your possible insecurity will be taken away by her film "The Re-education". Here you can form your own opinion about Minou's body and experience how Dominus wants to make meat, and perhaps also carnal lust, tasty to his handsome vegetarian.

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red blonde
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