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Gender : Female
Height : 167cm
Weight : 75kg

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Why are you afraid to lose yourself? The more defenseless you are and open yourself up, the more you will shine, and fall into your lap again and again as your own star thaler.

About me

The 21 year old young slave Nora was once inquisitive. To her delight she found what she thought she was looking for. The symbolic freedom in the mind that goes along with subservience. Is that still how she sees it during her ongoing enslavement in prison? Of course, she fits into the role she once dreamed of. A carefree life without responsibility. She doesn't have any aims, at least not ones that wouldn't conform to her master. And if such a thought sprouts up in her, it will not last long. Especially Domina Dina likes her. As you know, she likes it curvy. If the curves are not available, then remedy must be created. How they look like you can see in Nora's Video Forced Feeding.

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I don't know if my mistress will let me have a tattoo.
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No, I don't have a piercing.

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