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Gender : Female
Height : 168cm

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Love me when I've earned it the least, because then I need it the most.

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Huhu, I'm Sophie and 19 years young. As a nature deputy, young Sub, I'd be happy to carry out your sex orders. You alone decide as Dom whether I may feel pleasure pain or whether I deserve a hard and painful punishment. I am young and inexperienced, but I know my place and do not presume to make such a decision as a sub. At Fetischblick I got a good insight into many facets of fetish. For my pleasure I have also been allowed to act several times in the position of the submissive sub, or simply "let myself endure". In the role of your private sub, I completely surrender myself to your instructions. It is therefore possible for you to live out your wishes and fantasies on and in me. You like clinic? I like the white eroticism very much and am for you gladly the patient. But I am also happy to fulfill your other wishes. Special clothes for example, that appeals to me very much. You're welcome to leave me a personal message. Fetish meeting for a common togetherness I am open!

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dark blonde
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