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Gender : Female
Height : 167cm
Weight : 55kg

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Being free means being able to choose whose slave you want to be.

About me

My name is Violet and I welcome you to my profile. I like to experience many new adventures. I like to travel and be in the great outdoors and hope to find exactly what I am looking for. Yes, it came also already some times to hot play. The thrill of being caught is very exciting for me. I don't want to limit myself to sex with men. For that I already had too many outstanding experiences with women for me to want to do without them. I love it when I can give up control completely. I am very spontaneous when it comes to sexual activity. It always comes the way it should. I want to fully enjoy the here and now. In addition SM is ideal for me. I claim that SM is not a hobby, but a passion. Unfortunately there was up to now much too rarely opportunity to live out SM really correctly. It would be great if we would get to know each other. Please just write to me, yes?

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My eye color:
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Languages i speak:
english, german
My tattoo:
What do I need a Taatoo for? The signs on me are left on me by my master.
My piercing:
I'm already thinking about a piercing. But I don't have one yet.

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