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Gender : Female
Height : 171cm
Weight : 59kg

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After some years of faithful wife and a more than violent divorce I wanted to live out my sexual fantasies and especially my submissive inclination. And I had also equal luck. Over the Internet I found my master relatively fast. My education to the submissive submissive woman had only begun at that time, but what I have to dress, I had quickly learned. Long, black boots, a short dress with deep neckline, which just covers my shame, no bra, no panties, so that access to my holes is possible at any time... What do you think now? I can tell you, the predominantly male guests suddenly found their trousers too tight at the sight of me, I'm turned on to something like that. But also a Mistress makes me quite hot.

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dark brown
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He who seeks, finds (perhaps)
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