The cries of Trisha U

It's the way it is. And it happens more often than you think! Every day so many girls and women play with themselves and masturbate! But not every girl is allowed to do that! The young pretty Trisha makes it herself where she stands and goes. She doesn't care where she is at the moment. When the little tight young pussy comes forward again and needs relief, then Trisha has to follow her instinct - immediately. And so it is that Trisha is in the bright sunshine in the garden itself hand. But the goddess Starla is not a lady to play with! After Starla has discovered Trisha in the garden, how she simply strokes her little pussy, Starla sends the young horny girl to the dungeon. The cries of poor Trisha could be heard for miles as Starla unleashes her fiery revenge on her.
  • 22:24 29/01/2019
    Der Texter hatte wohl gerade ein hoch... Wo ist die feurige Rache, und auf die meilenweit zu hörenden Schreie habe ich vergeblich gewartet... Vielleicht knapp sexy, aber eher lahm, sorry

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