The Beauty and the Beast - Part 1

Domina Dina does not consider it necessary to submit to the orders of her former trainer Dom Gladiator. It has proved to be far too negligent in the follow-up check. Now she faces her master and has to give personal account for the unfinished tasks. The slaves she had to delegate are not here. The beast confronts the beautiful one and shows her that even in her position there are consequences if she is not willing to bow to his will. The other mistress threatens to go under the wrath of the beast as he pulls her body like a mop through the floor dripping with dirt and dust. For its part, it must ensure cleanliness and give the gentleman good reasons for its failure. Reasons he would accept. Even as dominatrix she realizes already while giving the answers that what she has said will not appease him. She offers to make amends by letting his anger out on her. He tells her that he is already doing so and does not need her permission in any way. The beast challenges his disciple to the utmost, and he particularly likes it when his demands become apparent in the form of visible traces on her whole body. Every centimetre of unred skin symbolizes her missing, and that is exactly what he wants to drive out of her. Or rather, he will... maybe there's a minimal chance of taming the beast if the beautiful one is stripping for him?

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