The Beauty and the Beast - Part 2

Meanwhile the small-loud domina Dina is fully absorbed in her role as a submissive beauty. She goes to work, stripping to tame the beast. Dom Gladiator stands up and grabs the crop. After a few blows he tells her how to dance to please him. No easy task with only one boot and a nylon stocking on the dirty and extremely slippery floor. After the beast has let his beauty crawl through the mud like an earthworm, he robs her of any illusion of absolution. The crop whips down on the already tormented, painfully twitching flesh. How can you please an unspeakably angry cathedral? As an object of punishment, perhaps? Why not? The Beast will take what it wants anyway. As the devilishly burning disinfectant pours over the open wounds, the cathedral reaches for extra long cannulas. He still remembers the limits of his former disciple's endurance, and that is exactly what he will cross, just as she too has crossed his limits of patience...

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