Gynaecology Extreme - Part 2: The Healing

In view of the hardship case at hand, the doctor feels compelled to introduce more hardship into the treatment. Using stable cable ties, he increases the pressure on his patient's breasts. Sophie's already sensitive breasts become many times more sensitive. Drastic clinical pictures require drastic measures, according to the doctor. An electric oscillating head brush is used. Here it may be the model with the coarse bristle attachment. With the precision of a surgeon, the doctor excites his patient mercilessly. Sophie writhes moaning under his treatment, which also does not want to end when she moans only short-breathed. Totally overexcited and already after 2 orgasms, which she seems to conceal from the doctor, she is introduced a ball dildo in half anal. The doctor suspects Sophie is suffering from obsessive masturbation because she is in fact the anal type. Now he wants to confirm his diagnosis. Threatened to go deeper, the doctor now allows his overexcited patient a quick, uncomplicated orgasm. She comes to his satisfaction very quickly, which allows him to confirm his diagnosis. The situation requires special treatment, while Sophie must not have any pleasure.But Sophie has a hard time controlling her lust.Shortly afterwards she has to experience that this has serious consequences on her own abdomen...
  • 20:57 28/01/2019
    super Video, Fortsetzung?
  • 11:49 25/12/2018
    tolles video, nur der herr doktor passt da nicht, eine frau doktor wäre mir lieber
  • 19:10 14/12/2018
    November Charlie
    I wanna watch
  • 14:11 19/10/2018
    Zusammen mit Teil 1 eins der besten Gyn Clinic Fetisch Videos!

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