MadameKALI 2: The film of a girl of friends

The new position of the slave is to be on a punishing trestle. Finally, there are a few relatively new whips in her fundus, which were still allowed to cost little slave skin. And finally, each of these whips leaves its very own character on its skin. Domina sees herself here as an artist. A painter also uses many different brushes to create a work of art. On the other hand, on a dirty and smeared canvas you wouldn't expect a Van Gogh either. Well, you have to take what you get and see what comes out in the end. At least that's what Domina Kali says to herself and eagerly whips at it. As the video shows, this is the short but concise debut of Domina Madame Kali. Soon she will be an active member of Fetischblick and will realize many SM fantasies for you. You can be curious.

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