A black hole ... Part 1

Lady Charlene demonstrates her object Lana, an incapable 2-hole mare. Here the present camera, or rather you as a spectator, belongs to the game. Domina includes you in her game. Slave Lana is an anal whore. To please his mistress he wears a diamond-studded plug in the anus. The lady likes that, but she has planned other things with Lana's asshole. Even at the beginning the little bastard gets horny. That calls for punishment, but with the lady you also have to earn the punishment first. Sub Lana moans lustfully while the crop claps audibly on the flesh. The treatment with whip, crop and a flat hand make the anal whore horny for more, and more should follow. The Lady uses a spreader bar to ensure that the legs of Lana are beautifully wide and the anus is freely accessible. Afterwards the dominatrix puts together a nice egg packet. There is suspiciously much milking fat in the game as she prepares the asshole of Lana. Soon his hand sinks to his wrist up his ass. The lustful anal whore hums and enjoys the treatment clearly audibly. But the lady also wants to enjoy it. She's up to something. To get in the right mood for the following she wants to have even more fun with whip, crop and her hand...

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