Whiteroom - Vol. 2

Since model Hanna has not yet internalized the shoot that the photographer wants, heavy equipment is now used. An anal hook should be placed so that she learns a proper posture on the way to the right model. This turns out to be the anal virginity of Hanna. There's no room for weakness here. So the anal deflowering follows. The hook is also connected directly to Hanna's hair so that she always has a figure-hugging hollow back and automatically presents her cute titties. She is now to take the scorpion pose together with a pressing anal hook. The assistant does not fulfil her tasks either. Sounding slaps in the whiteroom. Model Hanna is corrected in all poses. The photographer is not bothered by the fact that the skin already has clear handprints as traces. Rather, body folds disturb him in poses that are actually unavoidable. Why edit the final product with Photoshop when you can directly torment the model on site so that retouching is no longer necessary? The assistant takes the opportunity to harass the fixed model in the photographer's absence. Finally Hanna is also to blame for the assistant's failure because she does not participate. An outrageous insolence! Soon the photographer changes from camera to crop to check the skills for controlling facial expressions...

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