The Tormented Policewoman - Part 1

It's a wonderful day for a Christian. She does her work carefully when she discovers a large pick up in absolute no-parking condition. Sighing, she fills up the parking ticket and hangs it on the windshield. The owner sees this and confronts them. Unfortunately it's Dom Gladiator, at least stupidly for a Christian. He grabs her by the collar and drags her into his renovation-needy building for a chat. Instead of having his behaviour corrected by the ticket, he sees here the reason to correct a representative of the city. Only a few minutes later, or even better, the traffic warden has to dance sexy for the cathedral. She has already noticed that her day has worsened drastically. But secretly she longs for a strong hand, when she has to perform sovereign and dominant every day. Instead of defying the cathedral, or at least trying to, she submits to the will of the Lord in her role as a helpless subordinate. The cathedral quickly notices the slave's weakness. There he is used to more resistance from many a stubborn slave. She can even choose her punishment. While she probably wants to spank her romantic ass, the cathedral understands her gestures as an indication to want to take a beating. He teaches her how pointless her work is. Cleaning, for example, would be a good job. The Lord wants to clean her of her dirty job. She lies there naked, while the cathedral works on her with a mop. On his construction site, however, he has many other tools in addition to cable ties, which he can use for the necessary corrective measures.....

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