Use me - I just want to serve you - Part 2

After Sub Annika has become aware of her situation, she tries to submit to the will of the cathedral not to anger him. The after-effects of the posture correction still show a clear echo. The sub pretends to be a good horn player. Another reason for the cathedral to put the Sub to the test. Since she is better off licking rubber than meat, she is allowed to prove her tongue dexterity to the cathedral on his dirty shoes. There is still a lot to learn when it comes to the speech, because even with the ring gag in the mouth a correct speech of the cathedral is obligatory. Annika gets to feel mistakes directly. Now of all times the cathedral starts with her wish list again. For the fact that the sub is so teachable, it makes too many mistakes out of carelessness. The cathedral roughly rubs the rough grip of the crop over her shame and spits into her mouth. She must entertain him with her moaning. Because if he gets bored or she disobeys him too much, he wants to push the handle deep into her ass. She moans and her vagina gets very irritated. Dom's getting impatient. If Annika doesn't get an orgasm soon, the handle will also land in her anus. Dom realizes this is the weak spot he was looking for. Annika confesses that her anus hurts her, which is why she refuses anal intercourse. The cathedral reminds her of her own words. She wanted to do whatever he wanted and wanted. This false promise is sanctioned. Annika is faced with a choice that she can no longer make clearly at this stage. She seems to be in bondage to the cathedral and releases the anal deflowering. In the following Annika is chained to the rough wooden table...

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