The grey shadows of reality - Part 2

After the relatively harmless prelude, which from the Lord's point of view, and not at all in agreement with the views of Sub Anna, it should now become serious. The gentleman made a torture table for Anna. She can choose something from this special buffet. Still naive she decides for the smallest dildo, because she wants to start slowly. Anna cannot yet foresee the consequence, but the Lord already seems to have a plan. He is disappointed about Anna's choice and notes that she will certainly prove later what could fit into her. Not knowing what consequences this can have, she acknowledges this with a positive reaction. She is vaginally penetrated and is expressly instructed to enjoy it. Soon the said dildo seals her back gate while the Lord lets her feel her fingers and at the same time her crop. When Anna feels a little too much pleasure in his terms, she has to lie on her back. A bigger dildo comes into play. Anna nevertheless enjoys it noticeably. However, the Lord is dissatisfied. He stops what he considers to be a reward. Now something should follow, which rather corresponds to his definition of pleasure. Let's see if the man's fleshy hand feels as good as the dildo.

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