Anything she can take

Cherie walked towards her master with a mild smile. She knew how attractive she had to be to him. She had bought something extravagant for her time together tonight. Today she had been in town, had searched all kinds of shops just to fulfill his deepest dreams and desires. Then finally, behind the station she had found a shop. She had tried on all kinds of trousers and accessories for hours, squeezed herself into the tightest clothes, tried on the most transparent T-shirts and much more until she finally found the right thing. The seller brought her a black lingerie. She was made of black fabric from the chest down, was held together in her crotch by a bib, which you could tie as tightly as you wanted. The upper part was black as night and exciting like nothing else. The seller brought her her big one first. She slipped in and noticed how the material was slabbering on her. Then she had ordered one size smaller. As she slipped in, the lingerie was already gently snuggling around her body, but before she had buttoned up, she asked for another smaller number. She wanted to give her master a special surprise. Because her master is one who is constantly pissed off. His empty growl stretches across his lips, a dark, ominous look burning with contempt and the relentless distribution of pain, all factors for a moving evening for two.Cheri has already felt the sting of his stick.Once again she lets herself hang from the ceiling, completely exposed and vulnerable - and waits for her master.

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