Pinkys crazy SM adventure - The kiss of the asian mouse

Pinky's on his way to Pinkymarket. The hard Dom, whom she sucked his cock insatiably yesterday, has become soft like his lance after Pinky had finished with her. He fell in love, soso. So much so that she literally experienced a cold awakening this morning, all alone in bed. Deep in thought she runs to the bananas, because they have run out on her. Dom wouldn't even take them decently from behind. There was no shortage of opportunities as often as she had offered. She needs fresh fruit, because her pussy is yearning. Fuck dicks, so their idea as a crisp Asian mouse crosses their field of vision. Spontaneously she goes and appraises her victim. Aha, Vaseline buys them. What do you think it's for. Pinky addresses her spontaneously and asks about the friend of Asian beauty. Pinky gets confused and sceptical looks with the question of why. About the vaseline so your boyfriend can fuck you up the ass? Enough of the inviting words. Pinky's got Asiamaus at home. Quickly it goes to the full. After the first or second orgasm - who is still counting - the Asian woman grabs a thick pillar candle. She's got an appetite. Time to punish Pinky... as agreed, or rather intimately the two become each other? That's what you have to find out!
  • 20:50 20/04/2019
    Pinky ist zwar immer nett, aber schon lang kein Video mehr gerne mehr von Sandy

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