Pinkys crazy SM Adventures - Learning made easy

Oh, dear, just sex and dirty thoughts in your head. Who thinks about the math exams? Much too little time and much too much to do! A hard, stable 20 centimeter boner of initial value multiplied by 5 minutes of intensive blowjob ideally results in X milliliter of pleasure juice as a variable. The fixed value is the 10 centimeter flaccid pecker, which it gets as a result from the 20 centimetre batten. Easy. Simple mathematics. Pinky knows how to get it back to 20 centimeters within another 5 minutes. This is nearly automatic and logical to her. But no matter how she does it, she has never managed to reduce it to 5 centimetres by blowing intensively for 10 minutes. Pinky's no genius at mental calculation, so she orders a tutor for the next day. She also appears on time - with cane in a strict teacher's outfit. Now Pinky stands there quite stupidly. Many questions, and just one right answer? The teacher has locked her in the cage and lets it get tighter and tighter with every wrong answer in there... clear, the performance is in relation to the room. If the power drops, the available space also decreases. When Pinky shines with completely different performances she not only gains space, but also the favour of the tutor. Which equation results from this and what this may result is available by video evidence. Let's have a look inside...

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