Pinkys crazy SM Adventures - The Lady in the Man

Great, always cleaning up. Of course, with all the messes... and tomorrow Pinky will have to clean the whole studio? No thanks! She's getting a cleaning lady to do it. Just place an ad and off you go. The next day a handsome young man appears in the doorway. Immediately dirty little Pinky offers herself as a slave. Far from it, because the Lord is not here to dominate. No, he's a cleaner. Sceptical and a little disappointed Pinky looks at him. She would probably have loved to serve that. Besides, what is this nonsense? She specifically wanted a lady! This is exactly what she confronts the cleaner, who only replies that he is a lady. Uh... yes... well, let's see...? And in no time at all, the young man turns into a - admittedly tall - cleaning lady. Now it should become interesting, after all one must instruct a cleaning woman what she has to clean with what. Maybe Pinky can be brushed? But wait, the studio should be clean first. First work, then pleasure! Although dictating work to others can also give pleasure...

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