The Slut

The charming Daisy Duxe has decided to try some Lezdom for a change and plays the submissive for the exquisite and fiery Mistress Irony. Irony humiliates Daisy by painting her with make-up so exaggerated in Daisy's face and body that her beautiful face is completely defaced with lipstick. But where does the two women's path lead? Daisy is one of these naughty women. At work she is a successful and tough businesswoman. But in her private life it looks quite different. Daisy is actually a little girl. She wants to play and experience a lot. And she wants to be led. And so Daisy gets her ass kicked until it is bright red. When Mistress Irony is finally satisfied with her new game, she asks Daisy to satisfy her with a magic wand and then rewards her slave by touching her with her fingers until she is able to play...

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