Amanda - Deep in the slave 3

Lovely, a new piece of ass for Lady Amanda's strap. He should be able to work under pressure. He shall prove to be fit. Like this? Really, how nice..... yes, how nice if it were true. The sub is failing all along the line. His limp little tail dangles between his legs, and his tight butt is barely able to take any weight. First he asks to be allowed to touch his cock. Then it doesn't work. Even when he gets the direct wank order, he proves to be an unfit wimp. The dominatrix gets her fun at least in between by stretching his tight anus. She perceives his presence as a pure waste of time. There he may and must jerk off, but simply does not manage it. Besides verbal humiliation, anal penetration follows while he's wanking. As soon as he gets a good look at him, it's over. One may assume that this is unacceptable for domina...
  • 14:46 31/03/2019
    Ja, dann teste es mal aus! Ich hoffe du bist nicht alleine.

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