MadameKALI 1: You will be at my mercy

Domina Madame Kali has a lower subject before her. While she is still giving him a collar and handcuffs, the sub is asked about his last wish. Conscious that he is not here at a request concert, he does not dare to express a wish of any kind. Madame Kali once again conveys his situation to him in an impressive way. To be at her mercy, for better or for worse. What this means for him he is not able to estimate, because as we all know this can mean anything in domina. From a capricious flight as a naked animal in a petting zoo to a crawling walk through the thorny hedges, nothing would be really surprising. But Madame Kali only wants a little fun today, and the slave can make himself useful. There aren't enough marks on his skin yet. This has to be changed.... and shortly afterwards it is time for a change of position. The domina means this literally and drags the slave amused behind itself.

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