A black hole ... Part 2

Finally Domina Charlene gets to test the speculum at the parking lot whore Lana. The peculiarity is that the speculum is actually intended for horses, but now the asshole of Lana should spread. Lana can only hope that she will continue to use it only for penetration and not get the idea to twist the screw. But the lady can't wait to get deep into Lana's black hole. And while we've been to horses... ladies like horses. So why not a strapon in the dimensions of a stallion tail? Darkly we remember all that milking fat. The question is not whether the stallion dick will fit into Lana's asshole. For Domina Charlene, the question is how deep she can put it in. When the otherwise insatiable anal whore Lana is slow enough, she refuses domina. Apparently, there are still limits to her. The lady is disappointed, and so she just sticks Lana's stallion dick up her ass again. She announces that this was the prelude to Lana's education. Further meetings are to follow and there will be no more boundaries here...
  • 12:36 07/08/2018
    einfach wunderbare Darmfotzenbehandlungen-so mag es auch mein inkont Lochfleisch sehr**

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