Slave fucking

Lady Blackdiamoond has her lustful friend Domina Madita Payne as a guest. Strapped on their straps, both play with pleasure until Madita Payne lacks something in the course of the commonness. Her rubber tail demands caress through loving lips. Lady Blackdiamoond agrees with her friend and orders the slave object, which is ready to come directly to her. But she knows about the thickness of her strapped-on hanger and lets the less well stocked Madita take the lead. She will prepare the slave for Lady Blackdiamoond's brute outfit. Why lubricants when the slave object has (hopefully?) a lot of spit to provide the necessary lubrication. The slave does as he is told. He sucks the tail of Mistress Madita Payne while she explains to him how he should satisfy her. Lady Blackdiamoond's turn now, and she loves it when her strap on deep throat is sucked in. After the slave has licked the black acorn slipperily follows now the whole extent of your chamber, which brings the blow whore of the mistress fast to choking. Wrestling for air, he does as the mistress demands of him. After some choking Lady Blackdiamoond reveals to him what awaits him now. Her mighty strap on will soon drill deep into his anal cunt. Lady Madita Payne should not miss out. She kindly stretches the rosette of the slave to fuck him afterwards in his mouth cunt. At the same time Lady Blackdiamoond begins to sink her privates deep into his ass pussy. But this is not the end. On the contrary, Lady Blackdiamoond has other plans. Their oversized mesh is now also said to have been only part of the pre-stretching. Maybe, yes maybe it is possible for the two mistresses to penetrate the slaves at the same time... with their fists!
  • 17:16 12/09/2018
    Zwei unbeschreiblich schöne und aktive Dominos. Wer will da nicht von den beiden Zugeritten werden?

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