The cellar slave - Part 2

The lady leaves no peace to her candidate. As soon as he has recognized his place with the lowest animal, he is allowed to lick the domina's boots cleanly in praise of them in the meantime. Meanwhile more carefully in handling the lady he asks politely whether he may lick also the second boot. He's allowed, and the contender's wearing off. The dominatrix thinks to have acted a bit hastily, but the slave is clever enough to cover his mistakes convincingly with obedience. Domina Dina asks him what he is actually thanking him for. The candidate says he wants to thank her for the task because he would like to serve her. The mistress receives the muse's kiss. She now wants to be creative. The aspirant serves as canvas and candle wax should be the means of their choice. It quickly turns out that the pain is extremely unpleasant for the candidate. Domina Dina especially likes when he still asks to get more. He gives himself to her to meet her demands. The mistress puts his intention to improve for her to a hard test. This is followed by a very special interview, during which the candidate is exposed to heated situations in several respects. Domina Dina tells him in her own way what impression she has of him...

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