Whiteroom - Vol.3

Model Hanna's adventure continues. The photographer now finally becomes their master. No need to hide the obvious anymore. Dom is her alpha, failure her omega. Postural exercises with a thick piece of literature on your head. Here, too, the assistant likes to intervene, but this time one notices that this does not offend the photographer at all, but is rather an occasion to continue tricking the model. The harassment seems to go on and Hanna obviously suffers from it. The Lord only helps her to realize her dream of becoming a model. If a 2kg Tom Clancy on her head alone does not help, then it should be a multiple knotted piece of rough rope between her legs, which will literally put the model on the right path. But nobody said she could ignore the book. With the book on her head she performs a symbolic tightrope act of exertion. Finally, she is allowed to go down after she has done too good a job from the cathedral's point of view. After so much effort, Hanna's way of life takes its toll. How can she keep her position when she has to pee so badly? After all, posture and control are everything. So the cathedral takes the chance to have them emptied into a container under instruction. She doesn't act particularly well, and woe betide her if she misses something...
  • 06:06 01/12/2018
    Blutjung im Fetischkeller
  • 17:23 23/09/2018
    chuckers wendy
    i am a 55 year old man who was in a car accident, in 1982 and i lived in nursinghomes all my life. i have beiign looking at these porn sites and i cant afford to pay becuse i dont have a credditcard
  • 17:13 23/09/2018
    chuckers wendy
    i am a 55 year old man who was in a car accident, in 195

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