Domina Dina has something special for the potential lover of 'white eroticism'. Slave Hanna, shyly positioned on a gyna chair and of course extremely exposed to the situation, is allowed to expose herself to the medical experimentation of Domina Dina. Of course, she talks to her as if she even had a choice to be here, but she makes it equally clear that this is by no means the case. She does not have to be afraid, because she would already survive the procedure - as a patient one would like to hear such words that inspire confidence. After the slave has been fixed with bandages she can find out what to expect. Electronic torture of the genitals, or as Domina Dina formulates it, an investigation of the mode of action of electricity on the genital organs. 2 metal plugs, which serve as poles for the stimulation current device, are more or less carefully placed in the anus and vagina. The mistress plays with the intensity until the contractions caused by the electric shocks transport the vaginal plug from its destination. The before diagnosed filled bladder is to be emptied likewise, but the medical curiosity of the lady plans it that in the context of the investigation with imported speculum must happen. Sub Hanna suffers from the humiliation and painful procedure, while Domina Dina no longer gets her grin off her face under her mouthguard...

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