The perverted prison guard - Part 2

Sophie is led into a prison cell. At the iron bars he takes his slave into prayer. What happened to her so far was just the beginning. With his tongue split, the guard informs them that the following will cause them a little more pain. The increasing fear in Sophie's gaze goes hand in hand with the degree of intensity of the cries of pleasure that will soon make her echo through the corridors of the prison. He's not squeamish, the Lord. He roughly grabs Sophie and puts her in position before fixing her hands behind her back. His reprimanding finger extension, the crop, is increasingly used. But besides this he has also prepared a bull's tongue and his proven paddle. The guard had promised his slave to spare her extremely sensitive breasts. And again Sophie has the choice - in which opening may the steel dildo be inserted? What's the perverted prison guard doing with the shish kebabs and the wooden clothespins anyway? Will he be able to keep the promises made to the helpless Sophie, who has now been handed over to him?

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