The re-education - Part 1

Minou is to be re-educated. She is the black sheep of a family of meat lovers and butchers. What makes her a black sheep is her attitude to food. For whatever reason she tried to rehearse from young on the dwarf rebellion and to oppose the habits of her family. When she decided to become a convinced vegetarian, she insulted any family tradition with it. Dominus should take care of her. But before he begins with the practical re-education, he wants to question Minou's motives. He interrogates her and at the same time lets her feel that she should be honest with herself, but especially honest with him. Minou rejects meat and doesn't want to eat meat during the re-education. The statement that she simply doesn't like it now seems a bit too thin to Don. When she continues to refuse, he again begins to take her dwarf uprising personally. She wants, she wants, she wants - and in the end he should look bad in front of her family? The Master has a reputation to lose among his clients. Oh no, she won't get away that easily. What follows is the completely personal idea of the Dominus of an efficient and fruitful nutrition consultation. From an objective point of view, it is certainly not possible to understand what it means to be a consultant, but anyone who is able to read between the lines will recognise clear advice. Do what Dominus demands, and you come ... no, you do not come. Not a little bit. But Dominus has taken a liking to Minou. He wants - for her sake - to start slowly and give her chances of insight. While the sausage will provide only for pleasure, the vegetable leaves pain on - and in her body. The Dominus .... makes this clear.

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