Devote Rubber Dream

The initially very reserved Sub Hanna is now an established servant of Domina Dina. Hardly recognizable she surrenders herself as an assisting sister to the wishes of the mistress. Every voyeur would be happy to experience Domina Dina lolling under the hands of the sub, while she powders her skin with talcum for the costume to be worn. Sub Hanna devotes a special amount of attention to the sensitive areas of the divine body, which has a highly positive effect on the goodness of the Mistress. Praise and eloquence on the part of the domina should be the reward for the Sub, provided that she continues to commit herself beyond the measure. Almost regretfully, the domina receives the sentence 'ich bin jetzt fertig' from the Sub. But with regard to the last use of the latex dress the sub seems to have failed to clean it up carefully and carefully. This in turn leads to much more negative reactions. Cautiously and under strain the Sub dresses her mistress, so that the latex adapts to the epic curves of the goddess. It feels like the spicy look through the keyhole of the dressing room. There's no need to worry about getting caught or interrupted. One should only think of taking a breath of fresh air with these breathtaking insights. After the dress and the shoes are put on by the Sub, a nice layer of oil is to be applied now, so that the shine comes particularly to wear. Domina obviously enjoys this treatment. But then the mistress learns of a rough faux pas of the Sub. She has to make up for it. She has the opportunity to do so at the same moment, and as a tool she can now prove her tongues for her part.

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