In Forcible Feeding you get insights into the life of the young slave Nora, who lives in prison and - isolated from the outer world - ekes out a living there. Domina Dina has a dote on the sub's curvy figure. And the mistress knows, how a slave held in prison threatens to develop. She cannot risk that. So her little squeaking, fat-gutted pig Nora is well nourished - whether she likes it or not. And begging for mercy doesn't help here either. Not a little bit. What Domina Dina likes most besides soft curves, female curves and bacon on the ribs is efficiency. So she keeps Hanna in the Isobox. In a confined space the starved slave can't fall back on any movement. Hanna gets her food only, while inmate Nora is force-fed. What goes wrong with the food she is allowed to take. What falls on the floor, she may take. But taking is deceptive here. Taking it up is much better, and with the mouth. The food leftovers on the dirty prison floor are rich in delicious vitamins. Nora is forced to wallow in this very dirt and to grunt something for her mistress, as it should be for a pig.

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