The Tormented Policewoman - Part 2

The policewoman's torment so far has been rather meagre, at least with regard to what she is still blossoming. The penetration of their hole is to be increased. Let's see how many fingers fit in the meter maid. Christin gasps and groans under the treatment of the cathedral. There the Lord interrupts the apparent pleasure of the Sub. Here somewhere an open, hygienically surely harmless empty bottle still stood around? This is used immediately, in all openings. Christin is now put in an unpleasant position. She has to stand half kneeling. She should not slip off, because there is a bottle neck in her anus and a chair under her butt. This position must be maintained until the cathedral allows it to move. The traffic warden submits to her situation and has an understanding. Of course, the ticket would cost nothing now. The cathedral, on the other hand, wants to go back to the number she told him before. 100 euros would be due as prescribed. The traffic warden is to get her 100 shots... as the future cleaning woman of the gracious cathedral, who wants to give her a solid and honest job, she must of course also learn what she has to clean in which way. This begins with the care of her master's now aching palm, continues to his shoes, which she is allowed to lick cleanly, and ends in the fact that she is allowed to clean the floor herself as a living mop in a proper position. Christin is now allowed to write herself parking tickets for the farewell of her existence as a traffic warden, and in a not inconsiderable amount. Thanks to these enormous fines, Christin is allowed to work for the cathedral free of charge until her debts have been paid off. That's how you get your cleaners. The loyalty of the new cleaning slave is now to be put to the test one last time...
  • 01:35 23/12/2018
    Super Film! Christin ist die perfekte Sklavin, bitte mehr von ihr!

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