Use me - I just want to serve you - Part 1

The sovereign Annika is firmly in life and is used to getting what she wants. But secretly she longs for a strong hand. Annika, who disobeys herself, puts the cathedral to the test with a wish list. She thinks that this is not the way it goes when the hand of the master closes around her neck. He shows complete disinterest in her as a sub and lets her experience her unworthiness on her own body. She humbly boasts of being a good dancer. The cathedral in turn puts Annika to the test and makes her dance like a doll for him. The request concert has not even begun for Annika and already she sees herself in the role of the submissive Sub, who does what the now with the whip armed cathedral tells her. If you think playing with dolls is not for real men, you're wrong. He quickly makes Annika believe that she still has her way. That this is not entirely true will be felt in the following, because the cathedral makes use of exactly this striving according to their wishes to let them do what they want. Annika tries to please him and works completely against his intentions. When she has completely succumbed to him, he lets her know in direct words what situation she finds herself in. No more power games. It is time to exercise power openly. This is exactly what the cathedral is doing now, as you can quickly recognize from the red spots on Annika's alabaster-coloured skin. Since she shows posture difficulties, now a posture correction follows on the part of the cathedral.

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