The grey shadows of reality - part 1

Freshly grown Anna is curious. She has already tasted a lot in the worlds of Christian Grey's very own idea of SM. Blueyed and naive, she places herself in the hands of Don Gladiator, who is absolutely not amused by the kindergarten practices propagated in this book, with exaggerated erotic SM fantasies. She brought the book that inspired her directly. The Lord is happy about Anna's present, because he has an approach to chastisement. Anna laughs at the gentleman first. She must quickly recognize what the title-giving difference between fiction and reality lies in. The printing ink seals their palate, because in the opinion of their master the best-selling reading material is only good for one, and that as an unpleasant gag for disobedient slaves like Anna is one. In his opinion, the book has a solid raison d'être in its SM cellar. She is not yet accused of disobedience, for there is a lot of ignorance in the origin of her naive teen behaviour. The gentleman doesn't really care, because in his opinion Anna should feel how romantic the strokes and TPE feel when you don't have a young millionaire in front of you, but a hardcore dome whose practices get under your skin, no matter how...

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